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Resistance thermometer PT100 Thread = 1/2" Diameter = 6MM. Removable Part. DIN Head BR Threaded. 250MM

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    Resistance thermometers are temperature sensors that operate on the principle of variation of electrical resistance of a metal as a function of temperature.

    Platinum resistance thermometer which has an ohmic resistance of 100 ohmn at 0°C is known as PT100 or RTD. Their scale of work is from -200 to 600ºC. The error limits of the PT-100 are referred to DIN EN 60751 standards. Its use in the industry provides accuracy, stability and sensitivity.

    In the temperature measurement with 3-wire resistance thermometer the distance can be about 30 m.

    Head made from painted aluminium alloy.

    Cover diameter 80 mm.

    Ceramic terminal blocks, diameter 44 mm, mounting holes distance 33 mm.

    Wire entry G ½”.

    Process connection: G ½” male thread.

    Internal removable element, diameter 4 mm.

    Max. Working pressure 16 bar.

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