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Metering pumps. Pneumatic pumps. Centrifuge pumps. Etc.

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    With the series membrane metering pumps, we offer a range of pumps suitable for the high demands of industrial use.

    Excellent accuracy of dosage ranges and optimal dosing balanced chemical resistance, ensuring their use in a wide range of applications. 


    Double diaphragm pumps actuated by compressed air especially suitable for liquids with suspended solid particles or that crystallize. 


    Monocelular centrifugal electric pumps built in AISI 304 stainless steel. Suitable for a wide variety of applications. 


    Made with PP and LDPE approved by the FDA. They can be used with complete safety either by pumping corrosive acids or bases or the most innocuous of food liquids.

    Exceptional performance. Safe and simple.

    As the only fully repairable hand pump in the world, its reliability and performance are assured throughout its life.

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    These small float switches provide multiple form factors and features to fit where neededin a system. Its compact size is perfect for a variety of OEM applications. ASK FOR PRICE

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