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The General Conditions of Use and Sale (hereinafter the "Conditions of Use and Sale") govern the conditions of sale and use www.incoac.com website (hereinafter "Website"), owned by AITSA, SL (Hereinafter "THE COMPANY") and conditions of purchasing goods and contracting of services offered through the Web Site ( "Products" and "Services" respectively).

In compliance with the reporting obligations contained in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Society Information and Electronic Commerce, below reflect the following data:

The owner of web domain is A.I.T.S.A., S.L. (Hereinafter THE COMPANY), established for this purpose in Street Josep M. Batista i Roca, 42, C.I.F .: ESB62993365 number registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona in the T34980, F81, H.B256735, Inscrip. 1st. Contact Email: info@incoac.com.

Through its site www.incoac.com, the company provides information about its products and offers the possibility of acquisition. Due to the content and purpose of the Web site, people who want to benefit from its services should have the status of "Customer", which acquires completing the registration form and following the steps ENTERPRISE subsequently communicated through email. Customer status implies adherence to the Terms of Use as published at the time you access the Web Site.

In any case, there are pages accessible to individuals or legal entities that do not yet register or initiate a purchase of a product (hereinafter, "Users") Web Site. In this sense, users who access these parts of the Website agree to be subject to the terms and conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions, to the extent it may be applicable to them.

The company wants to let its customers and users that are exclusively addressed to a wider audience of 16 years and the territory in which it accepts and distributes orders is comprised Peninsula and Balearic Islands (hereinafter, the "Territory"). The company performs shipments overseas orders. If a user were interested in receiving an item outside the territory of Peninsula and Balearic Islands should contact the company via the form or sending an email to info@incoac.com, we would study your request and will inform you about it.

CONTACT: For any doubts, queries or suggestions, you can send your comments by email to: info@incoac.com


The descriptions of the products displayed on the Website are made based on information provided by suppliers of the company. However, the information given on each product, as well as photographs or videos relating thereto and trade names, trademarks or logos of any kind on the website of the company, names are exposed in www.incoac.com to indicative mode.


All prices listed products through the website do not include VAT and other taxes that may apply. However, these prices do not include the cost of sending the products, which are listed separately and must be accepted by the Customer.


THE COMPANY informs the customer that the number of units available is kept updated with stocks in stock and availability from our suppliers. In no event shall COMPANY will sell intentionally more units of the holding or the supplier has reserved it.

The company will make every effort to please all its customers in the demand for products. However, sometimes, due to causes not easily controlled by the company as human errors or incidents in computer systems, it is possible that the amount ultimately served by the provider differs from the offer made by the company to meet customer orders.

In the event that the product is unavailable after ordering, the Customer have been made will be informed by email of the total or partial cancellation of it. The partial cancellation of the order due to unavailability no right to cancellation of the entire order. If as a result of this cancellation, the customer wants to return the product delivered shall follow the provisions of section Return.


Customer agrees to pay when placing the order. The initial price listed on the website for each of the products offered will be added corresponding to the relevant shipping costs rates. In any case, these tariffs shall be reported to the Customer before completing the purchase. The company is not responsible for the exchange rate to be applied in each case the financial institution if the purchase is made in a currency other than the Euro.

The ticket or proof of purchase corresponding to the purchase order will be available and can be displayed on www.incoac.com in the "My Account", "Orders".

The Customer shall pay the amount corresponding to your request for payment by credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and / or other similar cards) or PayPal account. The card with which payment is made shall be as issuing financial institution to a bank or savings Spanish. Card payment is made through ELAVON SANTANDER MERCHANT SERVICES with security protocols.

Customer must notify the company any improper or fraudulent charge on the credit card used for purchases, by email or telephone, in the shortest time possible for the company to make the necessary arrangements.


The company has the highest security measures available commercially in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that only intelligible to the customer's computer and the Web Site. Thus, when using the SSL protocol ensures:

The Customer is submitting their data to the server of the company and not to any other to try to impersonate it.
That between the client and server center ENTERPRISE data is transmitted encrypted, preventing their being read or manipulated by third parties.


Once formalized the order, ie the acceptance of the Terms of Use and confirmation of the buying process, the company always send an email to the customer confirming the details of the purchase.


THE COMPANY will accept cancellations of orders upon request before sending it. For cancellation you must request using the form "Customer" or by sending an e-mail to info @ incoac @ .com


I. Product delivery

The company is committed to deliver the product in perfect condition in the direction that the Client point in the order form, and in any case shall be within the Territory. In order to optimize the delivery, thank the customer to indicate a direction in which the order can be delivered within the normal working hours.

THE COMPANY will not be responsible for errors caused in the delivery when the delivery address entered by the customer in the order form does not conform to reality or have been omitted.

THE COMPANY informs customers that it is possible that the same order is divided into several installments.

II. Delivery term

Shipments of takes us through a courier company. The order placed by you will be delivered within a maximum period of 10 working days since we have made the order confirmation. Although the usual delivery of THE COMPANY usually between 3 and 6 days from order completion.

These deadlines are means, and therefore an estimate. Therefore, it may vary for logistical reasons or force majeure. In cases of late deliveries, THE COMPANY will inform its customers as soon as knowledge of them.

Each delivery is considered completed from the moment in which the carrier makes the product available to the customer, which is embodied through the control system used by the carrier.

In the case of delays in delivery of orders attributed to the company, the customer may cancel your order in accordance with the procedure described in Section "11. Return". shall not be considered delays in delivery cases where the order has been made available to the Customer by the carrier within the agreed time and has not been delivered by cause attributable to the Customer.

Once the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your order has been accepted and is being sent.

For security reasons, THE COMPANY will not send any orders to PO boxes or military bases, nor accept any order where it is not possible to identify the recipient of the order and direction.

III. Data Delivery, Delivery Unrealized and Extravío

If you are absent at the time of delivery the Customer, the carrier will leave a receipt indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery. The company hires as part of courier delivery service, conducting a series of follow-up actions, aimed at ensuring that delivery occurs.

If after 7 working days from departure to delivery of the order has not been entered into the delivery, the Customer must contact THE COMPANY. If the Customer does not do so, after 10 days from departure to delivery of the order it will be returned to our stores and the Customer will be responsible for shipping costs and return to origin of the goods, as well as any costs associated management.

If the reason has not been able to make delivery package is lost, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these cases, the response times of our carriers typically range from one to three weeks.

IV. Stagecoach delivery

Customer must check the condition of the package to the carrier, on behalf of the company, to make delivery of the product ordered, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that could detect on the packaging. If you later after reviewing the product, the Customer detects any incident such as stroke, fracture, signs of having been opened or any damage caused to it by shipping, it undertakes to inform THE COMPANY via email in the shortest possible time before the following 24 hours of delivery. From that time no such incidents by (only warranty parts) will be addressed.


Return Procedure I.

All products purchased in the company may be returned and refunded, provided the customer informs the company its intention to return the / the product / s purchased / s within a maximum period of up to 14 working days from the date of delivery and that the other conditions set forth in this paragraph are fulfilled.

THE COMPANY only accept returns that meet the following requirements:

The product must be in the same condition it was delivered and must retain their original packaging and labeling.
The shipment must be made using the same box that has been received to protect the product. In the event that can not be done with the box with which it was delivered, the customer must return it in a protective case in order that the product reaches the warehouse of the company with the maximum possible guarantees.
a copy of the delivery note inside the package, which also returned products and the reason for return should be included are marked.
In order to provide customers the return process and to make proper monitoring of it, the company sets as only the return procedure established by the company. If the reason for the return is attributable to the Company (the product is defective, is not what you had requested, etc.), the amount of the refund will be refunded. If the reason is another (products are served correctly but are not to your liking), the cost of the return costs are borne by the customer.

To proceed with a refund, follow these steps:

Report before 7 calendar days of receipt that the product wants to be returned. The information may be made via mail or using the form info@incoac.com customer.
THE COMPANY will inform the customer of the address to which to send the product.
The client must send through a courier company of your choice. The return must pay the customer.
Report the courier company used, date and time of the return.

II. Refunds CLIENT

The return of products will result in a refund equal to the cost of returned products minus the cost of return service.

Only in the event that the delivered product is defective or wrong, the company will also reimburse you the dispatch costs.

Partial returns and cancellations will result in partial refunds.
THE COMPANY will manage the return order under the same system that was used for payment within 3 days from the arrival confirmation to store the returned order. The application of the refund in the Customer account or card depends on the card and the issuer. The implementation period will be up to 7 days for debit cards and up to 30 days for credit cards.


The company acts as distributor of manufacturers to ensure that the products offered for sale in the www.incoac.com working properly and no defects or hidden defects that could make them dangerous or unsuitable for normal use.
The contractual warranty offered is usually granted by the manufacturer. Once the customer has received the product will have the instructions provided by the manufacturer on its case, sufficient for the proper use and installation of the product and all warranty information. No Customer may request a broader indicated that there warranty.

THE COMPANY is not obliged to collect the faulty product and the customer should contact the After Sales Service Manufacturer. In this regard, the company will actions to provide customer who request contact details of the service and shall provide them with enough information to present relevant claims.

The warranty will be effective if defects or damage caused by external factors, accidents, especially electrical accidents, wear, installation and use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Excluded from warranty products modified or repaired by Customer or any other person authorized by the manufacturer. The guarantee does not apply to visible defects and defects of conformity of the product for which any claim must be made by the Customer in question within 7 days of delivery of the products. The warranty does not cover damaged by improper use products.

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