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Predilution tank for solids and / or soluble detergent.


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    Predilution tank for solids and / or soluble detergent.

    · Tank (1000L, 500L or 350L)

    · Electronic Equipment Mix-Pro II

    · Agitator 230V

    · Water inlet selenoid valve

    · Probe levels

    · Anti-overflow security buoy

    Preparation Phase:

    When starting the preparation phase the machine opens the water solenoid and begins to fill the reservoir. The agitator remains locked until the water reached the minimum level, then it begins to shake in still mode to facilitate the product’s dissolution.

    When the water reaches the highest level the solenoid valve is closed. The agitator remains working on the time set by the user to facilitate the complete dissolution of the product.  

    Emptying phase:

    Upon completion of the process of preparation of the solution phase begins emptying the dissolved product, the agitator passes asynchronously with a configurable period. We can operate the agitator in fixed mode if desired.

    The electronic controller keeps in memory the phase or state levels and sequence, in case of a power failure, so when giving back power to the equipment this will continue at the same level it was at the time of power cut.

    The team also keeps the number of preparations made in memory.

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